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Depending on your perspective, Wicked Craniums is a social club or tribe.


With a focus on music, experience, and events, the WC community is built up of rebels and renegades who push boundaries and don’t settle. Wicked Craniums launched and sold out on June 20 2021, but you are still able to join us by purchasing one of our collections on Opensea.

These values represent the core of what the WC community exemplifies and are guiding pillars for the skulls.

We may throw down and embrace the madness in everyone but we’re proud to have one of the more mature and respectful communities in the space.



The Wicked Craniums is the genesis collection of the 10,762 skulls

residing on the Island of Osseous.  


While our eclectic crew can be found anywhere in the world, they are drawn to the island by a mysterious power that remains to be understood.  They prowl the island, exploring every nook and cavern, in hopes of solving their eternal quest. With over 180 differentiable characteristics, each one is unique and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

1875 sighduck nobg.png


The Wicked Stallion’s are the Cranium’s companions and were released as a free to mint collection for all Cranium holders.  


With their own rebellious spirit, these beasts roam the island in thick packs and have been there long before the Craniums, leading the skulls to believe they are essential to the pursuit of their quest.  The Craniums live in harmony with the Stallions and are known to form strong bonds with their companion that can last millennia. They scour the island together, driven by the same wicked energy.